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    Sheri knocked the glass over in the middle of the ceremony and it shattered everywhere. Also it’s, “Do they feel worthy enough to have a space that rises up to meet them.” That’s one of the cool things about “Home Made Simple.” These people lived their lives so beautifully and walked through the world with such a grace and appreciation and to actually be able to create a room that rose to meet them was the coolest part. However, my number one answer is my grandmother who passed, who I actually grew up with. One of the reasons I started practicing Buddhism is this whole idea of totems and really connecting to something and it was a hummingbird for me. I’ve learned a lot about gratitude because of the show. I won’t know though, she’ll be in Switzerland in a boarding school [laughs], but I’ll get postcards. I was literally at Sheri Salata’s house last night until 11 p.m. She was such a formidable force, but soft and delicate. I had a hard time with religion and spirituality and didn’t really get it, it didn’t connect to me or resonate until I realized every time there was a moment of transition or beauty or fear or concern there would be a hummingbird randomly.

    We walk into people’s lives and say, “I see how you live, I see what you do, I see what you believe in, I appreciate you, let’s create a room and space to reflect that.” It was really empowering. I think a lot of times with high design we kind of disconnect. We are all connected, it doesn’t matter where you are from, your socioeconomic status, anything. I would go to thrift stores and dismantle stuff and remake it and I ended up making some of the craziest pieces, some I still have. Well, my husband is kind of smart which it pains me to admit. Even back to Rachel Zoe who told me, “You need to be in interior design, you’ve got to follow your passion.” Brené Brown’s TED Talk about vulnerability. which is weird because it’s like 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I thought, “This is everything you need.”There’s a restaurant called Ysabel, I don’t know how long you are in town but you should definitely check it out.

    I really think that parenthood cracks you open, which sounds so vague, but it is a different type of vulnerability. There isn’t a second that I’m with her that I don’t appreciate every moment we have.

    I just posted some photo yesterday and I really genuinely don’t imagine what my life was like before. I thought I was going to be by myself in the hills with a bunch of dogs.

    My entire twenties were filled with decisions that make me think, “You had to go there, huh? ” but then the truth is I met my husband because of that. She was somebody who, the second I met her felt like I had before, as if we had been friends in another life and it was mutual. She’s always been so gracious to me and we have a beautiful friendship.

    ” But that’s part of exploration and I think a lot of the most beautiful moments of my life and a lot of the most amazing things have come out of some of the most tumultuous times. There was a moment when I thought, “What’s the point of this? I’ve been lucky in general for the entire OWN community.

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