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    People have asked me, “Why would God use an evil picture (i.e. ” My answer is, “It is only an evil picture, if you assume it is literal, rather than symbolic.” And God has clearly shown us in the Bible that dreams are to be viewed symbolically. Down through Church history we have records of demons sexually molesting both men and women in their dreams. Incubus - is a demon in male form who lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. Augustine touched on this topic when he stated, “There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them.”(Augustine (410), The City of God 15.23) Succubus - is a demon in female form, appearing in dreams, seeking to seduce men through sexual intercourse.So what percentage of the population has experienced incubus or succubus dreams?I feel like God is trying to tell me something about him. The dream showed you joining together again, but you were fighting the joining and causing separation.The fact that you purposefully stopped the joining together could be a point of prayer. I started to get in and my dogs jumped in and turned the water dirty. I tried to undress but I had on another layer of clothes.In the Christian Dream Interpretation seminars I have conducted over the years, I have polled probably 500 Christians, and asked if they have felt they have ever been sexually attacked in their dreams by a demon, and a shocking 15-20% of the hands will go up responding, “yes.” And the numbers are fairly evenly split between men and women.

    I think we all agree that dreams can reflect the evil in one’s heart and call us to repentance. For example, if you have a dream where you need to go to the bathroom, you may wake up and say, “Oh, my goodness!

    You bind all attack of the enemy and command him to leave. I simply say the name “Jesus” over and over, and breathe slowly as I am falling asleep.

    Since abiding in Christ is to be my focus during the day, why would it not also be my focus as I drift off to sleep?

    Dreams are really wonderful, especially the ones that I have where they speak prophetically and the ones that take place in real life exactly the way I have dreamed them. Having a dream with your husband touching you sexually would not be considered demonic.

    This used to be a regular occurrence in the past, and I used to journal them as I had them, and compared them to when they came about in real life. I bind the spirits every night or else I will be attacked, mostly sexual. Your husband should want to touch you in this way, and the dream may be encouraging you that he will desire to be with you in this way again - just as the Lord had spoken to your heart.

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