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    Ancient dating rituals dating the enemy ua

    They always set aside a totaliter aliter, and are intended to link the part with this larger whole. Magic is never without religion, but religion may reject magic.

    The latter is given a mental architecture thanks to a set of symbols of transcendence and/or immanence. In magical rituals, the intention is to pacify, to grow, to shield or to destroy : protection, defence, lawful combat, execration, healing, the restoration of a state of affairs, the reversal of misfortune (caused by negative energies), healing, natural evolution etc. In many ways, magic is what makes religion possible.

    In this sensu lato, the "obsessive rituals" of the compulsive neurotic are included.

    In the specific, much narrower case of religious rituals, these privileged deeds & words may involve : induction, consecration, initiation, passage, commemoration, celebration, invocation, evocation, etc.

    the oracle) and considering their effect in the great plan of things. However, contrary to theatre, an audience and an applause are absent.

    Nobody doubts Egyptian religion was highly ritualistic, involving daily ceremonial activities (complex rituals celebrating the Divine) and regular, popular festivals, or public celebrations, with a pre-determined periodicity (daily, quaterly, monthly, yearly, etc.) cast in a religious calendar, based on stellar (stars), astral (planets), seasonal (Sun and Sothic cycle), monthly (the 4 quaters of the Moon) and daily phenomena (decans and Earth-rotation).

    By maintaining the redistributive (pyramidal) order of life, Pharaoh, as son of Ra, returned what had been received, completing the circle and assisting Re in his eternal cycle (cf.

    the royal "cartouche", the circumambulation of the "Sed" court, the ambulatory around the naos in the temples, etc).

    ancient dating rituals-28

    Of course, royal festivals were also a way to strengthen the prestige of Pharaoh, and the whole of society participated.

    Basically, through enactment, religious ritual realizes intention by making use of the (visible or invisible) natural order (elements & forces), be it to celebrate the Divine (as in offerings, commemoration, thanksgiving, etc.) or in terms of a particular request (votive ritual).

    Simply put : the ritualist acts and the intention happens.

    These flawed approaches are rejected in favor of a historical reconstruction.

    This offers, for the first time since the demise of Egyptian culture, interesting valid historical information concerning the Egyptian ways, based on the direct translation of the vast corpus of Ancient Egyptian literature and a contemporary perspective on the symbolical features of its art (The so-called "Kemetic reconstruction" (after "kmt", the "back" fertile silt left behind by the receding Nile), if in accord with the basic ritual matrix (unknown to Renaissancist Hermeticism and its following), can be more than just (another) literary fiction. Hermetism was recuperated by Christianity (Clement of Alexandria and the later Orientale Lumen) and Islam (cf. Because nobody could read the original texts, egyptomania, a literary fiction of Ancient Egypt, was inevitable.

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